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Packaging Design

Quick Overview

Your custom packaging design by Zhonghao Packaging needs a beautifully designed graphic component to truly stick out against the crowd. Aesthetic value plays an increasingly important role in the success of your products, and Zhonghao Packaging is here to ensure that this requirement is being met and exceeded. Zhonghao Packaging is your one-stop service for all things box-related. This includes design in the form of concept, dieline, effects, and creativity. Our hassle free artwork design service ensures that you receive a design that makes you proud to use to package your products.

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Design Process

Functionality and design are not mutually exclusive, and Zhonghao Packaging proudly combines the two in every order created. Your custom artwork design will be high class, elegant, and done to your specifications, and the structural integrity of the the box itself will be made of the highest materials. We have constructed this step-by-step process to ensure that your custom artwork design is made to perfectly satisfy your needs.

Step One: Design Brief

This consists of the customer and Zhonghao Packaging discussing the desired results of the customer. Thoroughly explain your needs and expectations for the project, and Zhonghao Packaging will do everything in it’s power to complete it down to every last detail.

Step Two: Dieline

Artwork and the design of your dieline are two interlocked and crucial components. Zhonghao Packaging will gladly design your artwork based on your pre-made dieline. If you do not have a pre-existing dieline, Zhonghao Packaging will aid you in finding the dieline that fits best for you at no extra cost.

Step Three: Conceptual Design

After we have aided you in your dieline, or after you have provided us with your dieline, you can expect some design concepts by email within 5 business days. We will determine the design concept for further fine tuning.

Step Four: Editing

Now that you have selected a “rough draft”, Zhonghao Packaging will work together with you to decide elements that you want changed. Zhonghao Packaging proudly offers up to three rounds of revisions. If we do not receive feedback within 5 days, the concept will be approved and sent for order.

Step Five: Mock Up

The mock-up provided by Zhonghao Packaging is a fully working prototype that displays your artwork design. This step is optional. Having a mock-up made will help you ensure that your design it what you envisioned. All production orders include a mock-up box, at no charge.

Step Six: Final Delivery

Once all the designs have been approved, Zhonghao Packaging will provide you with: dieline file in PDF, and a 2D artwork file (including dieline) in PDF format.